PayPal chief reams employees: Use our app or quit 

The president of PayPal has had it with employees who don’t enthusiastically use the company’s products. David Marcus sent a memo to employees working at PayPal’s San Jose, California headquarters yesterday, scolding them for not installing the company’s app and forgetting their PayPal passwords.

“It’s been brought to my attention that when testing paying with mobile at Cafe 17 last week, some of you refused to install the PayPal app (!!?!?!!), and others didn’t even remember their PayPal password. That’s unacceptable to me, and the rest of my team, everyone at PayPal should use our products where available. That’s the only way we can make them better, and better,” he wrote in the email.

He finished the email by saying:

“In closing, if you are one of the folks who refused to install the PayPal app or if you can’t remember your PayPalpassword, do yourself a favor, go find something that will connect with your heart and mind elsewhere. A life devoid of purpose, and passion in what you do everyday is a waste of the precious time you have on this earth to make it better.”

This has sparked comments across social media about culture, engagement and leadership. Some saying his style of leadership isn’t ideal while others have applauded his transparancy. Read the full article here.

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