EFS Video Resources

EFS video clips for use with large and small groups

We’re bringing together video resources that you may find useful to show at events with large or small groups. You’ll also find these on various pages on the website, but this page gathers them all together.

What is employee engagement

A call to Get Engaged! Great to show Engagement Champions, team colleagues, to inspire people about employee engagement (2 minutes 35 seconds)

The Four Enablers of Engagement explained

‪David MacLeod and Nita Clarke, founders of Engage For Success (4 minutes 37 seconds)

Cathy Brown

Executive Director or Engage For Success (8 minutes 15 seconds)

David MacLeod

Co-Founder of Engage For Success (8 minutes 45 seconds)

What does employee engagement mean for you?

The employee (1 minute 24 seconds)

The manager (1 minute 21 seconds)

The small business owner (1 minute 43 seconds)

The leader – Archie Norman, former CEO of Asda and ITV, gives the key note address at the 2012 Engage For Success event (30 minutes 6 seconds)

Get Involved

Be inspired about getting involved in Engage For Success and promoting employee engagement (2 minutes 32 seconds)

Join our core team

David MacLeod, co-founder of Engage For Success invites you to join the team (3 minutes 30 seconds)

Cathy Brown, Executive Director, explains her vision for Engage For Success (January 2015) (7 minutes 16 seconds)

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