Economic Impact Month: Employee Engagement news, blogs, research and opinion. (11/11/13) 

Welcome one and all to the employee engagement news roundup! With Christmas shopping looming it seems apt that we focus on the money! For November we’ll be looking at the economic impact on employee engagement.

As we continue to shine a light on the great work being done by the Engage For Success Project Sub Groups why not peruse some of these great articles on the subject of employee engagement during times of economic austerity and (hopefully) recovery?

As ever, if you have something to share why not get in touch via twitter @Engage4success or email us at content@engageforsuccess.org?

The loyalty deficit: the impact of recession on engagementHay Group
UK employees have stretched themselves to the limit to get their organisations through the recession, yet employee engagement is significantly below normal. The study, The loyalty deficit, of 1000 front line employees also reveals how some employers have broken an unwritten ‘contract’ with staff, jeopardising loyalty, commitment and ultimately firms’ ability to rebound out of recession.

Workplace pride hits back at age of austerityBadenoch & Clark
UK workers are combating austerity blues and economic woes with a renewed sense of purpose, according to a new study demonstrating that levels of enthusiasm and engagement remain high in UK workplaces. Research from recruitment consultants Badenoch & Clark shows that nearly half (48%) of UK workers are proud to work in their organisation*. Morale amongst Scottish workers is amongst the highest in the UK, with over half (52.4%) proud of their organisation.

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