Special Guest: Jay Mullings, Screenwriter / Director / Founder, Written Mirror Ltd

Jay Mullings is an independent multiple international award winning Screenwriter/Director. Jay runs Written Mirror Ltd which is a content creation company he founded under the mantra of, Truthful Fearless Creativity

Despite having been subject to racism, classism and age discrimination early in his working career, Jay remains a confident and brave speaker often standing alone on topics until they become more of the norm.

He has written in a variety of styles and formats in what he calls a varied creative diet.

‘The JAM’ is Jay’s latest achievement. A self financed, shot, edited, graded and scored documentary which chronicles his life, his family and friends’ perspective on his pursuits and a detailed account of his creative process…

Join us as we talk about the dangers of hive mind and only hiring people you personally like as opposed to for their competence and the truth about only hiring people that don’t rock the boat.

Other topics that may come up are:
people as outlaws…
Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn and the pressure to conform to get on…
Recruitment Wars: ATS and the attack of hired clones…
Youtube & Podcasting and why they’re attractive to professionals now.

Host: Jo Dodds

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