Special Guest: Josh Schneider – Author of 5 Days to Your Best Work Yet: A Human Like Approach to Better Work

In the trenches of a well-paid CPA firm, learning first-hand the hard cost of employee disengagement and how a multi-generational workforce must now come together, Josh Schneider knew something had to change – so he did something about it. What he did was form a coaching company and work with organizations and individuals to increase performance, energy, and happiness. To increase the impact of his work Josh founded The Human Engagement Institute to curate and develop research to help organizations find their best work yet. He has since written three books highlighting fresh approaches to employee engagement and human performance at work.

It’s easy for fast-moving leaders to overlook a foundational truth: employees are human. Even though they feel a simple, instinctual desire for meaning, belonging and momentum – most feel stressed and disengaged lacking the benefits of highly productive, meaningful work. With leaders feeling under pressure to deliver results and find their own fulfillment along the way, the need to recalibrate and rethink human engagement has never been more needed. In this rapidly developing business climate, reliance on fresh insights and creativity shines a spotlight on the necessity for a highly engaged and energized workforce consistently producing their best, most fulfilling work.

Join us as we discuss the potential of human centered engagement.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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