Radio Show #480: How to fall back in love with your job 

Special Guest: Beth Stallwood:  Founder of Create WorkJoy.

So many people move jobs at the beginning of the year that recruiters call it the ‘January job round’ and often don’t bother trying to fill vacancies in December. While harnessing New Year energy to finally quit your job is one option, there’s another: fall back in love with the job you already have. I’ll offer listeners three solid strategies for looking at their current job with fresh eyes.

 1. Un-blur your boundaries

A lack of boundaries, especially with your time, is a surefire way to work gloom. We’ll start by defining our boundaries and learning how to implement them.

2. Change the story

Have you ever examined the story you tell yourself about your job? In this section, I’ll guide people to write down their job story and take back control of their narrative.

3. Become a brilliant bossee

Beth Stallwood is a coach, facilitator, speaker, consultant and author, and the founder of Create WorkJoy. She’s spent 20 years developing her signature practical, passionate approach, and excels at getting to the heart of what’s actually going on – whether that’s for an individual client stuck in WorkGloom or an organisation with a people challenge to solve.

Beth has extensive experience in the fields of learning, development and organisational culture and is an expert host of large-scale speaker events.

Beth’s first book, WorkJoy: a toolkit for a better working life, is out now and her podcast, the WorkJoy Jam, is available on all major podcast.

Join us as we discuss how to fall back in love with your job.

Host: Jo Dodds

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