Special Guest: Simon Fanshawe: Co-Founder of Diversity by Design

Simon will be exploring the value of diversity…not the clichéd version so many of are routinely subjected to in our work by so-called diversity experts, but rather the core of human difference that lies at the heart of it.

We only talk about diversity and inclusion because we are different and we cannot understand each other. It is our attempts to do so, and our frequent clumsiness with each other, that makes this journey so interesting and vital. We learn from positions of ignorance, so we need to be able blunder and explore and deal well with the consequences to each other.

Simon will attempt to rescue this work from the excluding jargon that has grown up around it and find ways to engage everyone’s differences in pursuit of our common goals at work. No rules, no lecture from the gays about what not to say. Just some tools and suggestions as to how we work best together, defeat discrimination and disadvantage for groups of people and how we can do it still laughing and causing each other as much joy as inevitable occasional upset.

He co-founded and currently runs a consultancy business, Diversity by Design which supports organisations to truly diversify their senior people. His latest book “The Power of Difference” was published in December 2021 by Kogan Page. It was a finalist in both The Business Book Awards and the Chartered Management Institute Book of the Year Award. He is Number Two on HR Magazine’s Most Influential Thinker of 2022 list.  He is married to Adam and they have no children or dogs.

Join us as we discuss the value of diversity

Host: Jo Moffatt

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