ACAS Update: Menopause – Workplace Guidance 

‘Cognition and mood’ is the 2022 theme for World Menopause Day. Marked yearly on 18 October, ACAS’ updated guidance covers all that employers can do to support women and staff who are going through or experiencing the effects of the menopause. It is aimed at recognising and acknowledging that menopause is a natural process much like many other life-changing events that requires due care and compassion.

To learn more, check out the ACAS advice on managing menopause and creating a supportive work environment available here.

Listen and share podcast episode where Kate Nowicki – ACAS Director of Dispute Resolution and Executive Board Menopause Champion, talks about how to support menopause at work.

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Author: Chau Doan – ACAS Stakeholder Communications Manager

Photo credit: Louis Galvez on Unsplash

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