Six Tips to Boost Productivity and Skyrocket Performance 

Growth in productivity and rapid performance are indicators of how well a company is doing business. However, not everyone understands how to achieve this. Read on to find out how to identify your team’s effectiveness and how to increase productivity. We will also give practical bits of advice to managers.

motivating staff

Increasing productivity is a challenge for all businesses. However, it can be solved by applying an integrated approach. To make the necessary decisions quickly and efficiently, start by motivating the staff.

It’s no secret that bonus payments are an essential motivating factor! The amount of remuneration should not depend on the time spent at work but on the completed assignments. Leaders of companies that cannot afford large material rewards could focus on other ways of motivation.

comfortable conditions

A comfortable chair, good lighting, room temperature, even a cooler, and plants will help your employees feel more comfortable in their workplace. Think about it. Is it possible to work hard when the air conditioner is not working, and your back hurts a lot from the hardback of the chair?

If you need special working conditions, places like co-working spaces in New York will arrange them for you. The coworking space has everything you need for comfortable work: office furniture, office equipment, computers that can be rented, the internet, a kitchen with a kettle and microwave, meeting rooms, and rooms for communicating on the phone.

A relaxation room, a living area, or a spacious, bright kitchen where employees can take a break from the work process for a while is good for them. It is an indispensable attribute in any corporation looking to increase productivity this year. Provide a place for your employees to unwind before rushing back into serious working again.

courses, seminars, training

Training is a constant improvement of personnel skills: new courses, attending seminars and conferences in primary and related areas, and other professional and personal growth opportunities. Such a team will work many times more efficiently.

Provide opportunities for your staff learn. Good employees will gladly accept an offer to gain new skills and experience, especially when they are fully organised by the company. Moreover, company-sponsored training is a good motivation. In this case, you not only get qualified employees who are ready to do better, but you also give them the tools free-of-charge.

updated resources

To begin with, most companies save on resources by using low-quality, cheap services and programmes for their work. Online editing tools that are lagging every minute or on platforms hosting low-quality unfinished functions, especially for employees who have worked with good tools before – are painful to work with. Productive work assumes that employees use equipment, software, and consumables for their work at your expense, as well as free internet and cellular communications.

monitoring productivity

Nowadays, the productivity tracker helps to solve such questions quickly. Many programmes have been released, the primary function of which is to monitor the staff’s implementation of the work plan.

The use of such software makes it possible to increase productivity, ensure productive competition between colleagues, and create motivation for them to improve performance indicators.

Discipline in the workplace must be challenging for both employees and bosses. The introduction of software control over the working time of remote employees will allow, on the one hand, to understand what is “eating into” their productivity and slowing them down. On the other hand, it will discipline employees.

role modeling

Leaders must set an example for his subordinates and solve problems regularly with the team. This will help employees will appreciate the interest and competence of the boss and will try not to lose face.

The leader acts as a kind of “standard” for imitation already under his official position, and most often, he is such for his subordinates. The leader is the spokesman for collective, group norms and values. Therefore, imitating him, team members, especially beginners, abstractly and concretely helps assimilate these values and standards.


To increase the team’s productivity, you will have to invest in it financially and ethically, and spend time to have a deep understanding of the company challenges and areas of improvement. With time, it will pay off many times over and the efforts put in will indeed skyrocket the growth of you people productivity in the future.

Author: Rina Cooper – Freelance business consultant

Photo credit: Joel & Jasmin Førestbird on Unsplash

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