Introduction: Keeping your finger on the pulse

As we mentioned back at the beginning, the purpose of the Engaging Managers’ Zone is not to give you all the answers, but to give you a place to start.

Where you go from here is up to you. Our parting advice is this: keep going, keep exploring, keep asking questions, keep challenging yourself, and keep your finger on the pulse.  Hunt, gather and equip yourself with as much of the latest thinking, knowledge and tools as you can.  Build yourself the best toolkit that you can…and use it.

To navigate through the noise, we recommend that you find yourself some steady sources of relevant, reliable news, research and commentary; sites that will bring you the best of what’s out there; sites you can keep coming back to.

In this section, we’ve listed some sites we think are worth exploring and bookmarking. We’ve also provided some examples of what they have to offer.  We’ve avoided cheap and cheerful promotional and filler content.  We’ve also steered away from pure academic content.

Instead, we’ve focused on accessible sites who provide useful content or connections.  Some of them offer limited free content only – requiring registration, subscription or membership to access more – but we think what they offer freely is worth a look.

Engage for Success

Our thinkers and doers include practitioners, academics, researchers, consultants, service providers, representatives from membership organisations and professional bodies, all with extensive experience in the theory and practice of employee engagement. At you’ll find our content organised by topic; or you can look for specific content using the search field.

Examples of what’s available:

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

The CIPD and Engage for Success have formed an alliance to elevate the importance of employee engagement in creating more productive and aligned workforces. Together we are connecting a wide community of people professionals, business leaders and volunteers to understand and address the employee engagement challenges and opportunities that form a fundamental part of what makes good work.

Note: The majority of links here are for material available free to non-CIPD members. Free registration on the CIPD website is required.

Research and commentary: membership/subscription organisations and websites

Research and commentary: consulting firms

Research and commentary: industry news websites

HR Zone

HR Magazine

Personnel Today

Management Today


Other sources of news, research, commentary and tools


Business in the Community

Investors in People

TED Talks


Global online learning community, offering free resources to help develop workplace skills.

For example:


Free learning from The Open University.

For example:

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