Engaging Managers – Five Key Roles 

The Engage for Success work recognises that engaging managers are one of the four key enablers of engagement. Great performance is driven by managers who know how to engage others.

This guide introduces five key roles that managers can use to make engagement for performance a reality. As a result, employees are more likely to feel a greater connection and purpose with the organisation and be willing to invest a little more of themselves in it.

Each manager-as-engager role is characterised by a particular set of skills. The roles are the:

  • Prophet: Setting the vision and inspiring people around future decisions
  • Storyteller: Painting the picture of ‘how it will all happen’
  • Strategist: Planning activity, aligning people with actions, making it happen
  • Coach: Getting the best from people by linking what drives them as individuals to what they do
  • Pilot: The quality and style around how people engage others. The calm hand on the tiller that ensures people feel supported, safe and included

The five roles demonstrate the simple and effective ways that managers bring engagement alive in their everyday actions and behaviours. Learn more about these roles and how each one can be practically used to help increase engagement.

Content provided by Jane Sparrow of The Culture Builders

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