Take A Peek To See What The Future Work Week Could Look Like 

For those who have been working from home resolutely for the last 18 months, the news that the nation will soon be expected to return to the office has received, well, mixed reactions.

After all, the ‘new normal’ has its perks (reduced commuting is a big one) as well as some drawbacks, like reduced collaboration with colleagues and increased screen time. This has naturally led employers to consider a ‘hybrid model’ of working, that will possibly see workers return to the office for two or three days a week, as opposed to the pre-Covid mandated five office days. It’s a big shift and one which could dramatically change the face of office life.

But what is the optimal ‘new normal’ for office workers, and are Brits most eager to see in their ‘future of work’ crystal ball?

Here, Qualtrics XM demonstrate how everything from prospective sick days to meeting hours and the dastardly commute will change for the better once we get used to these new hybrid ways of working.


Author: Carly Trigg – Senior Performance Content Manager at MediaCom North

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