The Push and Pull of Employee Engagement 

In a recent article, Employee Engagement expert David Zinger stated how Employee engagement involves both push and pull.

The push part of engagement is our effort, focus, concentration, and contribution to a specific element or block of engagement. The pull part of engagement is how an element or block engages us or pulls us towards it.

For example, he takes 10 minutes to recognise a few people he works with. I am engaging or pushing towards the recognition block of the pyramid of engagement.  The results of this may pull him towards future recognition because of the interactions or comments from the people he recognised.

He would be pulled into engagement by a meaningful result he wants to create. This draws him towards engagement. For engagement to be powerful we must experience both the push and pull of engagement with results, performance, progress, relationships, recognition, moments, strengths, meaning, well-being, and energy.

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert who is both pushed and pulled by all 10 blocks of the pyramid of engagement. If you want to experience more powerful engagement where you work contact David Zinger today.

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