A Whole Systems Approach To Developing Engaging Managers 

The Engaging Managers Toolkit has been developed by Dr Ian Dodds, FRSA.

The Whole Systems Approach To Developing Engaging Managers offers a toolkit which organisations can use to successfully develop Engaging Managers to deliver high levels of engagement and performance. It is based on many years of successful experience as illustrated by the Case Studies in the toolkit. The key benefit this offers is success in developing Engaging Managers to deliver excellence in engagement and high performance and productivity.
It includes:
  • The Business Case
  • Case Study demonstrating the Power of Engaging Management
  • What do Engaging Managers do?
  • The importance of the leadership behavioural role model
  • The elements of the whole systems approach
  • The Interactive Behaviours Tool to develop managers’ skills in listening to people and exploring differing ideas and viewpoints
  • The conditions Engaging Managers need to provide to empower people
  • Engaging Managers practise in the moment coaching with employees

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Dr Ian Dodds FRSA, CEO, Ian Dodds Consulting Ltd

Image courtesy of sheelamohan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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