4 Ways To Enhance Hybrid Working Culture 

Over the past two years, our way of work has changed almost beyond recognition. After an initial period when nearly everybody was working from home, some returned back to the office full time, while others have been a bit more reluctant to give up the convenience and productivity of working from home.

The solution for many companies has been working in a hybrid style. Getting to spend some time in the office and some time at home is an excellent middle ground, but how can you enhance and maintain a hybrid working culture? Read on for four top tips.

Increase digital connectivity

Perhaps the most vital part of having an excellent hybrid working culture is utilising the correct technology. Moving to cloud-based systems is an easier way for teams to connect with one another and share information easily, whether they are remote or in the office. Digitising is key to success with a hybrid team, as it encourages closer collaboration and an uninterrupted workflow.

Keep healthy boundaries

Not everyone loved working from home, and one of the main reasons for this was that they were working more hours than normal. With hybrid working, you need to make sure that those working at home are still able to switch off and recharge their batteries rather than answering emails into the night.

Encourage your employees to disconnect from their laptops and other work devices at a certain time – while this isn’t always possible, making it clear that this is important will help everyone to understand that it’s okay to not always be online, reducing burnout. Similarly, when you are in the office, it’s important to leave at an appropriate time, rather than staying to complete just one more task.

Encourage socialisation

If your employees are working at home and only popping into the office occasionally, they will be missing out on the casual socialisation that the office offers. Video calls are usually more agenda based than a casual chat – so try to have a day when everyone on a team is in, or organise external social meetups. For those who aren’t comfortable with large gatherings, online team bonding is also a great option.

Provide access to support

For workers adapting to this new way of working, providing the right emotional and mental health support is just as vital as having the correct digital setup. Acknowledging that the current times have been challenging for everyone is a good first step. Make sure that your employees know that they can speak to you about personal and work issues, and provide plenty of clearly signposted information for those who wish to reach out to external mental health services.

Hybrid working looks to be the future of roles previously based solely in the office. Providing more flexibility for your workers might prove to be the best choice you could make, and ensuring they remain connected and healthy will keep your company culture alive and well. For more top tips and advice on successful remote working, this handy guide will help you to adjust to the shift.

Author: John Bramer – Media Consultant | Digital Content

Photo credit: Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

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