Innovation Month: Employee Engagement news, blogs, research and opinion. (16/12/13) 

Welcome to the employee engagement news roundup, your resource for news, blogs, research and insight into all things employee engagement. Tis the season to be jolly or in our case innovative as we focus on innovation and employee engagement over the festive period.

While we continue to shine a light on the great work being done by the Engage For Success Project Sub Groups why not peruse some of these great articles on the subject of innovation and employee engagement?

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A Flexible Workforce Drives Employee Engagement, Innovation & Sustainable GrowthStaff Central
When people ask me to explain the link between workforce management and employee engagement they often find themselves listening for quite a while before I step off my soapbox. Employee engagement is about attracting, retaining and effectively using the talent within your business to sustain the employee talent pool which, in turn, underpins sustainable growth and innovation in the business. Workforce management supports engagement factors such as rewards & benefits, employee self-service and reporting so you can make decisions quickly that will positively impact your environment and the deployment of new skills. Workforce management also enables flexible working, another key engagement enabler by giving visibility, in real time, to employee activity and time.

How P&G Tripled Its Innovation Success RateHarvard Business Review
Back in 2000 the prospects for Procter & Gamble’s Tide, the biggest brand in the company’s fabric and household care division, seemed limited. The laundry detergent had been around for more than 50 years and still dominated its core markets, but it was no longer growing fast enough to support P&G’s needs. A decade later Tide’s revenues have nearly doubled, helping push annual division revenues from $12 billion to almost $24 billion. The brand is surging in emerging markets, and its iconic bull’s-eye logo is turning up on an array of new products and even new businesses, from instant clothes fresheners to neighborhood dry cleaners.

Want Greater Employee Engagement? Develop IntrapreneursForbes
How engaged are our employees?” may simply be the wrong question. However, if we ask, “Do our people have the willingness and capability to ________________?” we’re getting warmer. But we still need to fill in the blank with a desired outcome that, if achieved, is potent enough to move the organization forward along a critical strategic path. In other words, we need to establish the right target at which to aim employees’ innovation efforts. Engagement, purely for the sake of engagement, is directionless at best and counter-productive at worst.


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