Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Engaging the 21st Century Workforce 

As the world comes out of the recession, organisations see a new workforce, one that’s younger, more demanding, and more dynamic than ever. Deloitte Consulting’s survey of over 2,500 organisations in more than 90 countries identified 12 critical trends that are driving the human capital agenda for the coming year.

There were 10 key findings from the survey. Across all respondents to our global survey this year, companies cite four issues as the most urgent: leadership, retention and engagement, the reskilling of HR, and talent acquisition and access. Another key finding was that organisations broadly felt low levels of readiness to respond to the trends.

The largest capability gaps are reported in leadership, analytics, reskilling HR, talent acquisition and access, and the overwhelmed employee.

In the main report it is discussed how companies should redefine their engagement strategy to move from keeping people to attracting them and creating a passionate and compassionate place to work.

Discover trends from the survey in the Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report, including:

  • The quest for workforce capability: Create a global skills supply chain
  • Corporate learning redefined: Prepare for a revolution
  • Race to the cloud: Integrate talent, HR and business technologies
  • Reskill the HR team: Accelerate the development of HR professionals into skilled business consultants

Use findings from the report to understand your organisation’s current state, its desired future, and how you might bridge the gap. These global trends demand change, investment, and focus. Let them serve as a roadmap for the coming year. Fill out the form to get started.

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