Employee engagement: a sustainability super-strategy? 

In a recent guardian article, Susan Hunt Stevens discussed the savings and increased productivity investing in people strategies can deliver, she then went onto ask the question so why aren’t more organisations getting involved?

The article talks about how in the past it was difficult to implement programmes however now with new digital and mobile platforms it is much easier to measure and demonstrate ROI.

Susan discusses how employee engagement can be weaved into other initiatives, in this instance environmental activities, which proves the point that sustainability engagement initiatives can save the company money and improve overall employee engagement rates, but can they go even beyond and start to impact revenue? Recent research by the Harvard Business School for Caesars Entertainment found that customer loyalty and satisfaction – their overall experience and willingness to return to one of its hotels or casinos– is directly linked to employees’ level of participation in sustainable activities at work.

Have a read of the full article here.

This article is owned by The Guardian and Engage for Success have only provided a brief summary of the full article.

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