EfS Webcast and Online Diagnostic Tool Go Live! 

We will shortly be adding a great case study report to your website produced by the Line Manager Thought & Action Group:

Exploring Employee Engagement in the Police Force

To accompany this report, EfS has teamed up with our chums at Oracle to produce a webcast that you can view here: Exploring Employee Engagement in the Police Force

The webcast features Dr Sarah Pass, Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Business School and a Regional Ambassador for EfS East Midlands and Glenn Tunstall, Former Metropolitan Police Officer and now Director of Merida Consulting.

While the discussion focuses on engagement within the Police, many of the concepts and themes will resonate in many other types of organisation so it is well worth a listen. Sarah and Glenn are both great speakers and last shared a stage at EfS’s ‘2020 Vision – Employee Engagement in the Public Sector’ event in January. This webcast builds on some of the material explored there so will be particularly useful if you were unable to attend.

Team Engagement Diagnostic

Another great free EfS resource launched this week is the Team Engagement Diagnostic. This is an online tool that has been developed from the extensive ‘Barriers to Engagement’ research by our Barriers Thought and Action Group led by Hult-Ashridge.

The availability of the tool is particularly timely as many of us now find ourselves alone at work and are reliant on technology as our means of communication with the outside world. It is more important than ever for us to step back and look at our sources of motivation and engagement and to develop an appreciation of how we might help team members to self-motivate in days, weeks and months ahead.

You may be interested in understanding how your team are feeling right now when it comes to their level of engagement. In partnership, Engage for Success, Hult-Ashridge, Stillae and SurveyLab, have developed and validated this free online diagnostic tool that enables you to take a temperature check of your team’s current state of engagement.

As part of EfS’s ongoing work with the public sector, the Team Engagement Diagnostic has already been adopted by one of the UK’s largest public sector organisations with many others showing interest.

To access the Team Engagement Diagnostic and review its underlying research please click here Team Engagement Diagnostic and Resources

Watch This Space!

Finally, we will soon be unveiling another new, free online resource that will be of particular interest if you are in a leadership or line manager role. The finishing touches are still being made so I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the detail but I’m chomping at the bit to tell all, so I hope I don’t have to wait too long! Watch this space.

To find out more about any of EfS’s “2020 Vision” public sector work, please email gary@engageforsuccess.org and also look out for future EfS events on our EfS Events page on the website https://engageforsuccess.org/events

Gary Gill, Director of EfS Public Sector Innovation

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