DIGITAL DISRUPTION: the future isn’t what it used to be! 

In another fascinating learn, share and inspire breakfast at the Greater Birmingham Engage for Success network, people learnt how digital disruption can help organisations to engage.

In this ‘exponential age’ where society and technology are evolving faster than people and business can adapt, we have the opportunity to embrace new digital technologies to advance employee engagement. This will not simply be about digitising existing systems or models of working but about being innovative and looking at things in a completely new way – disrupting our familiar ways of working, and success lies in harnessing the power of people. Attendees left a lot more informed having shared their experiences of harnessing digital technology and the need to think disruptively to improve employee engagement and productivity.

This buzzy and lively session, kindly hosted by Hays, gave attendees permission to be disruptive! Debate was driven along using ‘Poll Everywhere’ to capture views and opinions in real time. It provided a real opportunity for Birmingham’s engagement professionals to have some open space to consider how technology could genuinely enhance employee engagement in the future.

‘Harnessing new technologies is as much about people as it is about technical challenges’. This session enabled the group of 25 attendees to consider the human side of technological transformation and to have the opportunity to consider how they can practically shape and drive this change rather than simply letting it happen around them. “We can let it happen to us or be part of shaping what it will become,” said presenter Sue Petrie.

Look out soon for the next Greater Birmingham Engage for Success learn, share and inspire event as we continue to concentrate on our theme of productivity.

To find out more about this Digital Disruption session contact Sue Petrie.

Email petriesue@btinternet.com,

Mobile: 07712 893472


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