Employees and their experience of the digital work revolution 

The role of technology in employee engagement.

New TAG – Transformational Technologies

In a recent Engage for Success steering group meeting there was interest in forming a TAG group to explore what we have learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of using technology to encourage employee engagement.

We are looking for volunteers to explore this subject. 

Initially our aim is to build a survey asking questions to uncover how technology has helped or hindered managers in giving employees a voice, sharing their strategic messages, and keeping promises to employees. This survey will then be shared amongst the Engage for Success community so we can share and learn from the findings.

Did you know 99% of the UK’s 19-24yr olds now have a smartphone?

How will IT departments balance security concerns and hybrid working with the benefits of employees using their own devices (BYOD) for work?

The IT press have spent the past year reporting on digital transformations that would have taken 5-10 years, being delivered in a short, few months. After this dramatic period of change, where are we with technology and the role it plays in employee engagement?

Would you like to be part of the TAG that looks uncover some of the questions and answers as we plan for the new digital working norm?

To put forward suggestions for questions you’d like answers to about employees and their experience of the digital work revolution please join us on Tuesday 22 June at 12:00.

During our first TAG meeting Sallie Allen will be sharing insight from technology companies who have shared information about the future technology trends in terms of communication and collaboration tools, to help the TAG group decide on the questions we would like to ask in the digital work revolution survey.

2020 accelerated digital adoption for desk-based jobs. The nation was told to ‘work from home where possible.’ Organisations faced the challenges and opportunities of communicating, collaborating, and working remotely, using new or existing technologies.

Now we can look back, what have we learnt about the role technology now plays in employee engagement having tried new things? What are the advantages and disadvantages of engaging employees remotely and digitally? We look forward to finding out.

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