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A few in my network have commented that much of what I talk about isn’t new – it’s what many of us know already and what lots of us aspire to. Absolutely!! I make no apology for not always jumping on the bandwagon of organisational innovations or new theories and I would ask that others […]

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With only 15% of employees reportedly having had a positive experience of organisational change, what can workplaces do to adapt to an increasingly disruptive environment? ENGINE Transformation’s latest research highlights the importance of driving change in partnership with your workforce and creating an environment that enables employees to become change-makers. The A Future That Works: […]

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By Jane Sparrow, culture expert For many organisations, change is a constant. No sooner has one round of restructuring or change to focus around a new direction completed, it’s time for another change of direction or reshaping to occur. A new change process is identified and whilst efforts are made to make it ‘look different’ […]

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