Engage For (Career) Success 

We know that engaging your team and creating a productive workforce is good for business. Now new evidence suggests it’s also good for you and your career.

In two recent studies from both the commercial and public sectors, the better line managers engaged their teams, the higher their performance ratings as managers were.

Engage For Career Success Example One – A Global FMCG company with ‘000s of managers

The highlights:

  • The managers of the most engaged teams were rated as ‘outstanding’ five times as often as managers of the least engaged teams
  • The same managers were half as likely to receive a rating below ‘meets expectations’

Engage For Career Success Example Two  A UK public sector organisation with ‘00s of managers

The highlights:

  • Among managers of the most engaged teams, 7% were rated outstanding, compared to zero for the bottom third
  • The same managers were much less likely to receive a rating below ‘meets expectations’

Great line managers who focus their people, treat them as individuals, coaching and stretching are one of 4 proven ‘enablers’ of employee engagement. As the leading organisation for promoting the value of employee engagement, we’re bursting with tools and resources for engaging managers.

To find out more about how to better engage with your people to deliver better results for you, for them and for your organisation click here or  Google ‘Engage for success managers’


Many thanks to James Court-Smith of Stillae Ltd for providing this insight

To the team at Woodreed’s Muse for helping us shape it into this case study.

To Ali Godding and George Koulouris of the Engage for (Career) Success TAG for the resources donated by their companies and who organised the event where this case study was first shared, and to the team at The Dock who provided a splendid venue:  

Ali Godding, Founder & Creator of The Career Leap
Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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