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EFS Research Director Gary Gill brings major announcements from two of the TAGs, Leadership (Construction) and newly-forming Open for Business in a Wider World.

This will be of particular interest if you are thinking of getting involved in one of the TAGs so please do get in touch to find out more.

Leadership TAG

This group has most recently focused on the Construction industry. A project sponsored by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has been completed and with the continued support of two key players in the industry has drafted the Guide to Leadership and Engagement within the Construction Industry.

Publication within the industry is planned for next month with endorsements and video interviews from companies involved to help promote the Guide, and signpost it as offering best practice for companies large and small.

But this tremendous work won’t end there. The TAG is intending to do something similar for other sectors, using the proven model of obtaining sponsorship from a sector lead / professional body. It’s early days but there is also an opportunity to work closely with the existing TAG members, including Henley Business School for Engaging Leadership and University of West England Centre for Leadership (UWE) in this TAG.

So now would be an ideal time to join this highly influential TAG. It’s about to launch the output of its first phase before embarking on a journey in a new direction.

The TAG also has a vacancy for someone new to chair the group as it moves into this next phase. Terry Grourk, retiring TAG chair says “Our original concept of working with/ gaining sponsorship with an influential lead body has worked well. We’ve had great support from the construction industry CITB and we’re excited about the imminent launch of our joint Guide. But now is the perfect time for me to hand over the reins to someone new so the group can extend its work into new sectors.

If you’d like to find out more about joining the TAG or what’s involved in chairing the TAG, please contact gary@engageforsuccess.org

Open for Business in a Wider World

This is a new TAG and will be meeting for the first time at Perkbox, 22 Tudor Street, London, EC4Y 0AY on Wednesday 11th October, 10.00 – 13.00 [with thanks to Perkbox for making these facilities available ]

The aim of the TAG is to consider how best to engage a multicultural and global workforce in the current and developing working environment – Brexit being a key factor for the UK. It will hold up examples of best practice in organisations leading the way in engaging staff in the UK, Europe and globally.

This is another TAG that has the potential to strongly influence and inform public and private sector organisations and the engagement of those that work within them. There has been a great deal of interest in this TAG and researcher resource is available to start things moving after the October meeting.

It will be chaired initially by Cinthya Quijano who previously led the Cross Cultures TAG and the group also has a vacancy for a co-chair. Cinthya can tell you about the role if you like the sound of it.

If you would like to find out more about the TAG or to attend on 11th October and be part of this group from the very start, please contact Cinthya at cinthya@engageforsuccess.org

Engage for Success also has its two flagship events coming up in the not-too-distant future and these are a great opportunity for everyone to see what the TAGs have been working on over the last year or so.

On Tuesday December 5th we have our Volunteers’ “Thank You” event, once again hosted by Thomson Reuters at Canary Wharf and open to all EFS volunteers. You can book here.

Part of the agenda is a Showcase presented by several of the TAGs and will be a wonderful opportunity to find out more about the TAGs and to speak to some of those who are already in one or more of those groups.

The Engage for Success 2018 Conference – “People at the Heart of Business” is taking place on March 22nd 2018 at the QE11 Conference Centre – delegate booking for this is open now with a super Earlybird offer of £199.

Again, some of the TAGs will be featured at this event with product launches also planned. Details of those will be announced nearer the time.

For more details about any of the TAGs please email gary@engageforsuccess.org

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