Sub Group Update 

Here are updates from some of our Sub Groups as at the beginning of November 2014.

The Sub Groups have spearheaded work into key challenges: how do you maintain engagement when taking difficult decisions such as making redundancies; how should higher levels of engagement be harnessed to enable higher levels of innovation; what are the barriers to organisations adopting engagement approaches? And pulled together the most compelling evidence about how and why engagement works, to help persuade the remaining sceptics. The conclusions of this work can be found in the ideas and tools section of the website.

Not for Profit Sub Group

The purpose of the Not for Profit Sub Group is to encourage not for profit organisations to integrate engagement into everything they do and to develop and share best practice across the sector.

The sub group is looking for not for profit organisations to share their views by completing this employee engagement survey password e4sresearch. Thanks in advance to all who can help.

Wellbeing Sub Group

After the great progress made under the lead of Wendy Cartwright culminating in the publication of ‘Wellbeing and employee engagement: the evidence‘ in May 2014, the Wellbeing sub-group has moved on to phase three.

We welcome Gabrielle Cohen, Executive Leader at the National Audit Office, as the new chair of this group and asked her what we would be seeing next from the sub-group. She said, “I’m delighted to be able to play a part in the Engage for Success movement and am looking forward to working with my sub-group colleagues to consider the links between wellbeing and employee engagement. At our first meeting for phase 3, the Wellbeing sub-group agreed that we would focus on how we might use the evidence we have and further good practice examples to provoke debate among business leaders with the aim of providing them with a compelling case to invest in and support wellbeing initiatives“.

If you are interested in finding out more or joining us for phase three of the wellbeing sub group, please contact Lauren on lauren@engageforsuccess.org or 07979 651745.

Social Media & Digital Engagement Sub Group

Our Social Media and Digital Engagement Sub Group continues to grow and expand with lots of big names in the digital field involved – but don’t fear, it’s never too late to join us! In fact we’ve just opened a new area, exploring the potential for social media to construct organisational strategy.

What are we working on?

Plans are shaping up for launches of the group’s work through 2015:

In January we’ll be promoting profiles of useful contacts and events to help organisations bridge that gap into using social media for digital engagement

In March we’ll launch our rough guide – ‘digitally’ of course! Intended to be an accessible ‘how to’ guide with examples and ideas -please get in touch if you have a story you’d like to tell

March also sees Simply Communicate’s next conference, show casing the SMILE index, supported by Engage for Success – benchmarking organisations on social media and digital engagement.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on 18 November in London, as usual there will be call in facilities for those not able to attend in person.

For more information about the Social Media & Digital Engagement Group, please contact katherine@engageforsuccess.org and johnsmythe@engageforchange.com.

Cross Cultures Sub Group

The primary purpose of the Cross Cultures Sub-Group is to discover what enables, influences and drives engagement in different parts of the world to determine if there is a universal link. With the globalisation of business the group is focused on identifying the need by businesses to understand what they need to do to engage their people in distant cultures where the drivers of engagement, happiness and fulfilment at work may not attempt to conform to a universal Western view. John Smythe (Engage for Change) has recently stepped into Chair the subgroup who met this month to welcome new members to the group and agree the next steps for the group.

How to get involved:

  1. If you have insightful material or experiences please get in touch
  2. Discovery Workshops – Our ‘disco’ is a workshop format that can be facilitated by anyone, anywhere outside the UK to discover what engages people where they work. Organisations running the workshops benefit by creating a stimulus for change as well as benefiting their employees. All we ask is that you share the findings of the workshop with us for our research. Please get in touch and we will email you the workshop format.
  3. Next big network and learning workshop – following the success of our last workshop in May which saw over 90 delegates attend, the next event is planned for May 2015. We’re busy planning for the event now and are looking for volunteers so if you have event experience or are able to volunteer case studies, we want to hear from you.

We need more members that have valuable insight to bring to bear – contact johnsmythe@engageforchange.com; Larraine@questionsofdifference.com ; adina.luca@stillae.com

You can find out about of all our sub groups here. Please do get in touch if you’d like to get involved.

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