This newsletter now has a name 

By Vlad Levitsky

Welcome to the second edition of the Engage for Success volunteers’ newsletter. The first one came out nameless, so we ran a poll to select a name from a handful of candidatesThe result is in! Thanks to everyone who voted.  

News BriEFS is the newsletter’s new name, with 29% of the votesWe thought adding Volunteer to the name better shows who its for, by, and about. As David McLeod writes in this issue, without volunteers the movement couldn’t exist.

Volunteer News BriEFS is for sharing some of the exceptional stories from around our movementLet’s showcase how our EfS peers impactinfluence and inspire people and workplaces to thrive’. 

From time to time, these fun, quickinformative reads will land in your inbox just like the paper airplane in the banner. Enjoy this issueShare your storiesTell us what you think. And please invite otherin your EfS network to subscribe.

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