Cycling Your Way To Better Mental Health 

If you are thinking about adding a new exercise to your workout routine or a new way of getting to work because of skyrocketing fuel prices, here is an idea that will work for both—cycling. 

Those who are already into cycling may know that there are several benefits when it comes to this activity whether it’s done stationary or as a means of transportation. 

Whether you’re gearing to head back into the office (even if it’s for just one day every week) or if you’re looking to incorporate cycling into your breaks working from home, what better way to pedal your way to productivity than with a new routine! No matter your experience level, check out the benefits cycling to work can have on your body.

Increases Endurance

As a beginner, biking for just 30 minutes a day will get you off to a great start, as it helps strengthen your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, which will boost your overall stamina on and off the bike. This boost in stamina and energy will help increase your overall productivity throughout the day. 

Low-Impact Workout

Cycling is considered a low-impact workout because it is an exercise that involves controlled movements of your major muscle groups in a way that is not damaging. There is no twisting, pulling, or repetitive pounding during the exercise. Instead, you’re strengthening your quads and glutes while building your muscles and boosting your muscle strength.  

Cycling is a great exercise for those with weaker joints who are unable to do more intense cardio routines such as running. But, just because the exercise is low impact doesn’t mean you won’t get the high-intensity impact from your workout.

Environmentally Friendly

These days, many people are becoming curious and considerate about the changes they can proactively make in their daily lives to help the planet. While bike riding is often associated with the improvement of your physical health and personal benefits, the environment benefits from it too. 

Bike riding reduces air pollution, decreases nonrenewable fuels being burned, and reduces time you may spend sitting in traffic. In fact, biking to work can help cut down on household emissions by six percent

Decreases Stress 

Studies have shown that cycling is linked to improved mental health, helping to decrease feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. It relieves stress and can help you build a positive attitude and mindset, ready to tackle whatever is thrown your way.

Biking To boost wellbeing 

Biking can positively boost your overall wellbeing mentally and physically, while also helping safeguard the health of the planet. To find out more about health benefits of cycling, check out the infographic below:

Author: Corey Doane-Chheang – Content Marketing Manager, Seige Media

Photo credit: Coen van de Broek on Unsplash

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