Top Tips for Employees Health & Wellness 

Employee health and wellness benefits are provided to the staff over and above their financial compensation package. These could be paid leaves, extended leaves, health care services, group health insurance policies that are paid for, and more.

While applying for open positions, job seekers no longer look for a good compensation package. Instead, they’re more likely to pick an offer that gives them overall wellness solutions. These benefits are non-cash compensations that employers use to look after the overall wellbeing and wellness of their employees, to reduce turnover, improve retention, and the attraction of talented employees.

Importance of Health And Wellness

Health and wellness benefits are important, that’s established. But why? It helps adopt healthy habits, maintain a better lifestyle, stay fit, decrease unhealthy decisions, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. 

The importance goes beyond merely curative care – that is curing an illness when someone is sick, but also includes preventive care – reducing the risks of diseases. 

At the workplace, offering health and wellness benefits creates a culture of encouragement, motivation, and productivity among employees. Further, it increases job satisfaction, decreases absenteeism and job turnover, and ensures that the surrounding environment is stress-free, thereby encouraging growth. 

Eating healthily, exercising, and being mentally strong also ensures the need to take less sick leaves. And besides consistency and regularity, employees are more present in their work. They put in their 100%! 

When employees engage in group wellness programmes, there’s better rapport and better team spirit. This bond promotes the seamless functioning of business processes, and things run like a well-oiled machine. 

At a personal level, such sessions can help lead a stress-free life. If you’re satisfied at work, have no financial worries as you’re protected by group mediclaim then you’ll be happier, personally too.  

The great thing about these programmes is that they are aimed to look after both emotional and mental well-being, resulting in holistic wellness solutions. 

With all these employee benefit plans, employers gain something too! Wellness programmes reduce the healthcare costs of the company. By picking the right insurer, ultimately HRs save a lot of time, money, and paperwork on future healthcare costs. This is excellent for the company’s bottomline.

Why Employees’ Health And Wellness must Be your top priority

Employee healthcare insurance doesn’t benefit only employees. They’re significantly important for the company as a whole too. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Some compelling reasons to invest in health benefits are:

for employees

  • Increases productivity:

A group mediclaim policy acts as a safety net and gives financial security for employees and their family members. Wellness programmes give them the peace of mind to function at optimal levels. Both put together do a great deal to boost the level of motivation and productivity. Poor productivity can be a result of poor health. And wellness benefits alleviate that problem to a large extent. 

  • Boosts morale: 

There are few things as meaningful as wellness benefits to show your employees that you care, and are willing to invest in their future. Actions speak louder than words, and therefore, it boosts employee morale, and creates a healthy and motivating work environment that encourages teamwork and company growth. Motivated employees are more energetic, engaged, and are more likely to work to their full potential. Employees feel valued and acknowledged, and appreciated for their hard work.

  • Enhances engagement: 

An engaged employee tends to be more productive and committed than a disengaged employee. Offering healthcare benefits to your employees does exactly that – it engages your employees and encourages them to perform their best.

for employers

  • Improves hiring: 

Having a selection of healthcare benefits attracts talented employees. Unique health benefits foster a positive work environment and help set your company apart from competitors. Many talented employees are willing to join a company based on the benefits that are provided.

  • Reduces turnover:

As you’re aware, employee turnover can be quite expensive for your company. The lack of it also creates a working environment that’s not very positive. Healthcare benefits can incentivise employees to continue with the current organisation, ensuring teams consist of talented and energetic employees.

steps to Take Care Of Employees’ Health And WellBeing

You can implement multiple strategies to ensure the health and well-being of your employees are well taken care of. The first step is to design an employee wellness program that aligns with your company and employee needs. Here are a few health and wellness benefits you can offer.

customised group health insurance coverage

Group medical insurance with added benefits is one of the most important healthcare benefits you can provide. After the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s mandatory for companies to provide employee health insurance. A customised group health insurance plan from the right insurer includes comprehensive health cover including top features like waived off waiting period, minimal out-of-pocket medical expenses, coverage for pre-existing diseases, pre and post-hospitalization care, and much more.

unlimited doctor consults

You never know when and where there’s an emergency. This is why it’s extremely important to have access to a medical professional round the clock for a quick consultation. Offering this as a wellness benefit provides employees with a sense of safety and security. Being able to contact a doctor 24×7 helps manage conditions better and ensure there’s a helping hand when needed. It’s also good to consider those who practice preventive care.

mental health and wellness sessions

There are numerous reports of a spike in the number of people experiencing anxiety, stress, and depression over the last two years of the pandemic, lockdown, and isolation. And so it’s important for everyone to look after their mental and emotional wellness. Offering sessions on better mental health are essential to uplifting employees overall wellbeing. This can include stress management sessions such as meditations, energetic Zumba classes to help increase serotonin levels, or mental health consultations to ensure overall stability. Promoting holistic wellness can help maintain the right work and life balance, highlighting the importance of sleep and nutrition.

Prevention is better than cure

Whether you consider world leaders like Bill Gates or leading companies like Google, they all advocate for employee health and have prioritised overall wellness alongside success. They’re investing in benefits that scream for better health and wellness for workforces for an improved work-life balance.

As rightly said by Desiderius Erasmus, “Prevention is better than cure.”

It’s important for you to help your employee identify health issues early on so they can nip any conditions in the bud. Awareness helps prevent, address, and manage any illnesses. And in the long run, such preventive methods, along with a wide range of health benefits, contribute to the overall satisfaction of employees, both inside and outside work.

Author: Mohan Kakarla – SEO Specialist, Loop Health

Photo credit: Natalie Grainger on Unsplash


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