Employee Engagement Doesn’t Equal Employee Happiness 

A recent Forbes article stated how Employee Engagement doesn’t always equate Employee happiness. The article states that assuming employee engagement equates to employee happiness is a false equivalency.

There’s no proof happy employees will lead to increased productivity and some could argue employees consistently striving to make employees happy may actually disengage collegues. If organisations aren’t providing the right opportunities, benefits, training or creating the right atmosphere then attempts to make employees happy won’t go very far.

The Forbes article also touches upon individuals who don’t appear particularly engaged however they are content with their paycheck and will deliver engaged colleague results.

Your most engaged employees might irritate you a little bit. They may propose wild ideas, get frustrated when projects are derailed and volunteer for everything. They may rarely seem super happy, because they are busy pushing the envelope. These are people you want in your organisation. In fact, you want their lack of appreciation for the status quo to infect those around them.

Read the full article here.

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