Thinking outside the box to boost employee engagement 

The puzzle of employee engagement is not one that is necessarily easy to solve. Because engagement brings so many different variables into the equation, there is basically outsidetheboxno foolproof way to ensure that workers are fully interested by and dedicated to all of their professional responsibilities – at least not one that will perfectly fit any organization in any particular industry.

For example, take a look at the most common, rudimentary strategies and activities used to promote engagement – things like holiday parties, food-related surprises, contests and even public recognition of employees’ successes. Obviously, some of these things can help boost employee satisfaction and that can do some good for engagement, but they won’t work for all workforces and the improvements they bring about might not last. It follows, then, that employers must start to look beyond the obvious when trying to devise measures to promote engagement.

Recent examples have showcased how engagement programs that go further than simple perks and relate to larger personal and societal concerns of workers can have substantive engagement benefits. Employers experiencing difficulties in this area would be wise to check these out and consider putting similar initiatives in place.

What “intrapreneurship” can do

Much like entrepreneurship, the concept of intrapreneurship involves employees pushing efforts forward on the basis of their individualism and drive. The different between the former and the latter is the benefactor of these efforts. Entrepreneurs look to create businesses and organizations for themselves to run, oversee or support, with personal gain being the ultimate goal. Those who practice intrapreneurship do so to benefit all facets of an existing company.

According to Real Business, this can significantly help with engagement. If employees are empowered to work on company projects as if the business is their own – which demands that employers offer major support – they will be more interested in completing their duties. If they feel that they are just cogs in a machine, this outcome is a lot less likely.

Connecting engagement and sustainability

It’s quite clear that sustainability has become a major social priority for many in today’s world. The Guardian reported that due to increased demand for sustainable, environmentally friendly practices in the corporate realm, some companies are instituting programs that empower workers to enact these habits in their personal and professional lives, with considerable success.

Even if sustainability isn’t an issue that every company or organization is laser-focused on at the moment, the concept is worth considering. A similar hot-button issue or idea can be turned into a stepping stone for worker engagement.

Download the employee engagement roadmap a start thinking outside the box

This post was written by David Bator of TemboStatus.

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