UK’s largest motorway services provider, 500 colleagues across the UK.

One of the 3 core pillars of our strategy is “Create our winning culture”. Our people are truly at the heart of everything we do here – we understand that our colleagues are the ones who create our customer experience, who drive efficiencies and who ultimately help us hit our KPIs.

From our leadership approach to being an inclusive employer and ensuring every single colleague shares in our success, we want everyone at Moto to see their part in our purpose: brightening people’s journeys through life.

Colleague voice is vital – we have an annual have Your Say survey, but also pulse points at milestones along the colleague lifecycle, and we prioritise feedback and taking action. We also put our values at the heart of our decisions every day – ensuring that our colleagues enjoy their work, feel empowered and supported.

In recent years we have invested in colleague communications and colleague experience, having dedicated teams behind this, ensuring we are really living and breathing our people-first approach.

The Four Enablers: Strategic Narrative

Moto have recently invested in both an internal comms team and a platform, to enable two-way conversation through the organisation, which can be especially challenging when over 90% of our colleagues are customer facing and not in front of a computer. We also focus on listening sessions, colleague surveys and Your Voice committees on sites, to ensure that every single colleague has a voice and that actions are taken as a result. Communications also form a key part of our Manager and Leadership training, as well as putting colleague happiness as a KPI within our bonus scheme. Our strategy, purpose and goals are clear and on one page, to enable everyone to buy into them – and we link our performance reviews and recognition to these same metrics.

The Four Enablers: Engaging Managers

Our culture, via our leadership teams, has had a huge shift in recent years to be more empowering and give our managers and site leadership teams the skills and tools to work with their teams as they know best, whilst giving them the support and structures behind that. Our training programmes are best in class – enabling colleagues at different levels in the business to learn the skills to progress to the next step on their career journey. We also have a real coaching culture, training up coaches within our own teams, as well as providing self-management coaching software tools, and encouraging our managers to use these skills with their team daily.

The Four Enablers: Employee Voice

Colleague voice is extremely important here at Moto: from our annual Have Your Say survey which has an incredible 84% response rate, so our colleague journey point pulse surveys and our pulse surveys with specific demographic groups who have been through considerable change. We also drive listening sessions on sites as well as Your Voice committee meetings so that colleagues on each site have a chance to influence decisions. The launch of our new colleague App later this year will give the opportunity for more immediate, two-way communications and feedback also.

The Four Enablers: Organisational Integrity

This is a big part of our ongoing journey – as we have had such a culture shift in recent years – this gap is closing. We are constantly looking at the say / do gap and analysing where we can drive positive change – from our recent culture canvas audit to working with our leadership teams and managers to understand what is really going on in our sites. Our leadership team are approachable and transparent, with a monthly Business Update hosted virtually with them, and an annual conference which engages with our sites management teams. Our values form the basis of our performance reviews, recognition and KPIs, ensuring they are a part of our day to day working lives.

Submitted by:

Emma James, Head of Colleague Experience, Moto Hospitality

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