5 Ways To Make User-Generated Content A Part Of Your Storytelling And Engagement 

User-generated content (UGC) refers to the ability to create digitally persuasive narratives based on the content that users create around your brand. It’s not just an internet fad but it’s transforming the online storytelling scene. Compared to a news outlet, user-generated content captures attention through attention-gripping stories that come from the audience.

Some professional writers have affirmed that businesses and artistic persons cannot rule out the importance of storytelling. But the storytelling industry has now encountered a novel phenomenon. They do not only tell stories but have acquired the tools to tell personal tales in a more polished and persuasive way.

What UGC is

Social media channels like Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok, and many others have led to a surge in personal storytelling.  It’s more like engaging in custom writing tailored to communicate a specific message or idea. A popular term in the content marketing sector and technology marketing sector to describe this storytelling technique is UGC. It revolves around the strategy for building awareness for novel products or services. But the term leans more towards an individualistic narrative style. UGC refers to any content type such as graphics and videos that an individual user shares on his/her digital platform.

UGC could revolve around just about anything. For instance, it can be an Instagram or Facebook story about how you burnt your breakfast because you didn’t pay attention to the cooking. It often reflects an emotional response to circumstances.

Plus, the UGC becomes increasingly crucial as brands seek to build awareness on online platforms. They also want to demonstrate their reliability. In other words, UGC is one of the most unique tools for businesses and digital marketers in the 21st century. To this end, let’s look at five amazing ways to make UGC part of your business storytelling. In other words, this article will show you how to benefit from the UGC to maximise the benefit to your business and to have more engaged employees.

Set the Right Atmosphere for Sharing

You need to set the scene right for content creation so that your clients can publish posts about your business on their online platforms. A sure-fire way is to boost your brand’s visibility. However, you need to generate content worth sharing or publishing. From showy productive displays to informative campaigns, you can put your business out there. Judicious use of memes and hashtags can also encourage clients to mention your business on their social media platforms. People want to tell their stories but you have to provide an engaging environment.

Look out for The RIGHT Opportunities to Feature Guest Posts

Most businesses are not sure how to optimise the UGC ideas they have at their disposal. The key lies in tailoring and implementing UGC based on your business goals and objectives. You can figure out the ideal content for your brand by having a good understanding of your projected product value. For instance, if you are a hotel owner or hotelier, you may display guest posts on TV screens around the hotel to give clients an idea of what your facilities are.

Give your Audience an Idea of Your Preferred Content

Research shows that 50% of people want their favorite brands to tell them about the preferred content to share. If you do not tell your audience to engage in UGC, how will they figure it out? You need to guide your consumers properly whether you want memes or videos. Make sure that you create transparent brand rules for the content being generated.

There are numerous ways to push for UGC. They range from hashtags, social media competitions to memes. A single meme can encourage your audience to carve out content based on your previous or existing campaigns. However, you should protect your brand rules, hashtags, and memes against errors that might confuse your audience. Otherwise, you will set the scene for digital trolls to misinterpret your message. You should also make sure that you present your brand mission clearly and compellingly.

Network with Communities

One of the best things about UGC is the way it boosts engagement and strengthens the sense of a community. For instance, people who gets a repost or mention from their favorite brand will feel delighted and respected. Research has it that 51% of customers will probably purchase from a business if it shared their digital posts in its campaign.

Sharing your customers’ social posts will not only strengthen your relationship with them, it’s sure to also create awareness and promote your content to a new audience, creating an enabling environment for viral content. It will help not to rule out the importance of community and followers in your strategy. Make sure you respond to questions and showcase your human side. Your audience knows that there’s an individual or an idea behind the scene, so make sure you give your brand that identity or persona.

Don’t Forget to Engage Employees in Business Storytelling

Engagement gives your business a relatable personality. Make sure that your employees share their thoughts and experiences about your products and services as well. Business storytelling describes your value.  It’s crucial that your employees are passionate about the positive influence of your services in their lives and the customers’ businesses.

In any case, your employees play a significant part in shaping how your clients perceive your business. Put them in the limelight. Make sure that your employees feel that they hold an important place in your brand by encouraging them to engage in storytelling. People like personages. And by featuring your employees’ stories you will create a picture of one big family that is very attractive for the audience. 

In Conclusion…

Your people are your most significant investment. Maximising UGC reveals your best offers through the lens of individuals who have had first-hand experiences with your products or services. Creating UGC will boost the credibility, reach and return on your business campaigns.

Author: Leon Collier – Freelancer.

Photo credit: Bibi Pace on Unsplash

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