Radio Show #482: Biophilia and the Workplace. 

Special Guest: Naomi Stone: Reward and Engagement Lead, St Monica Trust.

Naomi is Reward and Engagement Lead at Bristol charity St Monica Trust. A skilled practitioner and academic in occupational psychology, Naomi has over twenty years’ experience across legal, not-for-profit, health and social care and education settings. At St Monica Trust, Naomi is accountable for the St Monica Trust reward and engagement strategy. She leads and influences on well-being at work, pay and recognition, and in driving organisational change within these areas. A recent addition to the UWE Associate Lecturer team, she regularly teaches and prepares learning materials for Well-being At Work modules on Masters level business degrees.

Naomi’s specialism is biophilia (the human-nature connection) relating to well-being at work, which stemmed from conducting a post-graduate systematic review and dissertation study into biophilia and the workplace. She sees our innate connection with nature as a driving force in bridging the gap between our needs as humans and the reality of the way many of us work and live. To Naomi, biophilia for well-being goes beyond the design of offices, buildings and cities, to workplace cultures and behaviours.

Naomi delivers team workshops, coaching, public speaking, psychometric testing (BPS Registered Qualifications in Test Use Levels A and B) and is recognised as a Principal Practitioner with the Association for Business Psychology and a member of the BPS.

Join us as we discuss biophilia and the workplace.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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