Radio Show #483: The Great Disconnect 

Special Guest: Paul Burton: C Coach

Sorry to introduce another “great” something. We seem to have had our fair share of these, but these events are connected, while the symptoms are different the root cause is the same.

The world and the expectations of individuals has changed. We have loud signals that what we are doing isn’t working and need no more clues. Individuals are voting with their feet and flipping from organisation to organisation looking for the promised land, while HR are facing challenge after challenge and are frankly getting burned out and fed up with the lack of support from any port and Managers are caught in the middle.

It’s a perfect melting pot really, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time for a change!

Paul Burton is an entrepreneur whose passion is having a positive impact on people and organisations. He has taken his 30 years’ worth of experience in turning around business performance to create a fully automated, self-driven coaching platform to help businesses retain their best, unlock the rest and do most for less.

Since the mid 90’s Paul has turned around many underperforming businesses including a franchise of a bank, insurance companies, charities and work within the education sector. Focusing on culture by creating tools, data, and environmental forces to focus on really connecting and caring for individuals, but critically enabling individuals to identify the ingredients to success and take responsibility for their own growth and career and to support others in theirs too. 

Join us as we discuss how the world and expectations of individuals has changed.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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