10 Effective Ways Managers Can Keep Their Hybrid Teams Motivated 

Working from home has become a part of most employees’ lives since the pandemic. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to keep them engaged and motivated, given that the attrition rate is high and companies are losing employees left and right. 

It doesn’t help that the distractions a work-from-home environment poses are as real as can be. In such a scenario, staying on top of a cross-functional team is an even greater challenge. 

Naturally, the onus is on HRs and managers to deliver creative and value-driven ways to enhance employee motivation. 

In practice, fairness and all-inclusiveness for all employees play a key role in effective hybrid team management. With that in mind, here are 10 ways managers can ensure their hybrid teams are engaged.

  1. Recognise work efforts

Employees appreciate being recognised for their efforts in the workplace. It’s not so much as rewarding them for every minor target they achieve, but the major milestones should not go unnoticed. 

Sometimes, it is also necessary to recognise individual and team efforts towards achieving a goal, even if they do not manage to complete it. 

Not rewarding them can be demoralising and employees may not wish to put in more effort the next time. 

  1. Celebrate little moments

Recognising the little moments in the lives of employees goes a long way in making them happy. Little moments could be in the form of birthdays, work anniversaries, birth of a child, etc. Organising a conference call for a friendly chat can make employees feel valued. 

  1. Organised work schedule

Having an organised work schedule with fixed working hours for the employees makes it easier for everyone to understand their respective work schedules. A good way to go about this is by creating a shared work calendar for the organisation. This way, if an employee is off work, they will not be given work. 

Giving employees tasks to complete off-work hours can demotivate them. They will need time to rejuvenate for the next day. Rejuvenated employees are motivated to give their best every day during work hours. 

  1. Awareness about new opportunities

Employees can get demotivated during a work-from-home atmosphere and lose sight of their progress path. This can severely impact business and revenue in any organisation. 

Employees looking to progress may be unaware of new openings within their own company. Managers should keep an eye out for employees looking to progress within the organisaiton and and keep them informed in a timely manner. Even if the employees do not qualify, they will still be motivated to take the next step and maybe even achieve it. 

  1. Flexible working hours

Instead of focusing on employees completing a certain number of hours at the desk, managers should rather focus on completing their assigned objectives. Employees need to have a work-life balance. As long as they meet their targets, they should be allowed to work on their schedules.

Working from home can be tough. Even if they do not meet their targets occasionally, they should still be rewarded for their efforts to keep them motivated. Motivated employees result in positive employee engagement, which directly benefits the company. 

  1. Positive work environment

Another effective way for managers to keep their hybrid teams motivated is by creating a cheerful environment. While this is important for in-office workspaces, it is equally important for employees working from home or other remote locations. Employees with low morale negatively impact their peers and managers. They can be helped in a digital environment through shared collaboration spaces such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.

  1. Paid days off work

If the organisation’s targets are met much earlier than expected, managers can celebrate with their employees by giving them paid days off. Employees will appreciate this as this means that they get to spend more quality time with their loved ones and to just unwind. 

  1. More non-work-related activities

When employees work remotely, they lose out on a lot of opportunities for team lunches or social events. Managers should encourage employees to catch up virtually over video calls with their favorite food or drinks.

  1. Improve communication

It is not uncommon for employees who work remotely to feel disconnected and lose their purpose. Optimising the use of technology to improve communication with their hybrid teams via virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and Slack can be a huge help for employees to feel connected. It is also a good idea to routinely check in with the teams to make sure they are not facing issues. Regular communication will help keep them motivated. 

  1. Provide timely feedback

Just as businesses require routine feedback to grow and succeed, employees do too. Promoting a culture of honest feedback motivates the employees to be more involved in the organisation’s events. Real-time feedback allows them to understand where they are now, and how they can perform better. A good feedback system can involve one-on-one meetings where managers have a friendly chat with their team. Through this, they can offer constructive insights to help them grow.

Drive motivation in the workplace

With some strategic planning and proper digital tools, motivating hybrid teams in remote locations can become easier. 

Make sure that workers have access to the technology they require to complete their tasks, communicate, and remain productive. Giving them access to shared virtual spaces such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom will assist them in staying connected to news and recent changes in their organisation.

However, the greatest approach to inspire employees to work better is to make their daily tasks easier and create an atmosphere where they can thrive. 

This usually includes recognition for tasks well done and regular acknowledgement for their efforts.

Author: Srikanth Acharya – CEO at Offineeds

Photo credit: Sigmund on Unsplash

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