The Gender Pay Gap Visualised 

It’s hard to comprehend what a 17% (UK average) gender pay gap really means. So, we took it back to the basics – what does the gender pay gap look like when applied to everyday items? And what price would we have to charge men to make everyday items at equal cost?

We also worked out what day women technically started ‘working for free’ in each European country, and how each country’s pay gap has changed over the past five years.

Key Findings

Romania: has the lowest gender pay gap of 5.2%.

Estonia: has the largest gender pay gap in Europe – 25.30%. If you apply that to the cost of a beer, men would technically have to pay 75 cent more per beer to make the price equal.

Estonia: women in Estonia technically started ‘working for free’ from the 29th September. This equates to 93 days where men are getting paid but women aren’t.

UK: For those who love their latte takeaways from Starbucks in the morning, men would have to pay an average of 60p more per latte.

UK: after work beers would work out at a price difference of 82p more for men (per beer!)

Poland: despite being one of the countries with the lowest gender pay gap, their pay gap has actually increased by 1.7% over the last five years.

You can view the complete interactive piece here: https://www.forextime.com/uk/media-corner/infographic/gender-pay-gap

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