Employee Engagement in MENA versus Europe & USA 

A poll recently conducted by Bayt.com, the region’s No. 1 job site, has revealed that more than 80% of employees in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region claim to feel very engaged at work. According to 70% of poll respondents, communications channels are open in their companies; they feel they can disagree with their manager without fear of getting in trouble. The majority (60.6%) strongly agree that their company measures job performance in a way that is fair to all staff, with an additional fifth (19.6%) somewhat agreeing to the same statement.

These findings are a stark contrast to Gallup findings which states only 13% of the workforce are engaged. The employee engagement picture painted in MENA seems to be much more optimistic than the picture painted in Europe and the USA.

“Our mission at Bayt.com is to empower employers and employees alike with the information and tools they need to build their lifestyles of choice,” said Suha Mardelli Haroun, HR Director, Bayt.com. “Employee engagement is very important to enhance productivity and employer brand building is important to attract top talent to any business, and winning a Bayt.com Employer of Choice Award reinforces the efforts by the HR community to build a solid employer brand with a happy and engaged workforce which will greatly contribute towards the key success metrics for any organization. The awards are the only ones in the Middle East that celebrate corporate culture based on the market perception of professionals in general, as well as each particular company’s employees.”

These findings could be down to culture in general which in MENA countries is much more collective and values tend to be strong. Business meetings in some MENA countries are much less formal and more like get togothers, most business in MENA countries is conducted in a way where attendees get personal, ask about each others families and tight deadlines are very rarely set – yet there are high levels of productivity.

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