Foundations for Enhancing Employee Engagement 


Employee engagement is both an art and a science. As the former, it requires subtletly and nuance; as the latter, it calls for structured practices that have been proven to deliver.

One of such practices is online pulse surveying and the like, which allow for incorporating the voice of all employees. But these digital innovations pose new challenges: While surveys and bid-data online tools may enhance communication, they often provide disjoined insights.

Building on Gallup’s and Deloitte’s employee engagement findings, and on ‘wisdom of the crowds’ principles, the Staff-Wisdom (RePurposed) lays down a few foundations in regards to online methods for engagement. It does so under the recognition that employees are a great asset in creating pathwarys towards their own succes, and under the often overlooked fact that that only engagement leads to engagement

Author Bio: Eduardo Sasso
A process engineer with over 3 years of involvement in Vancouver’s social/green economy, Eduardo Sasso unfolds the power of relationships to enable organizations to embrace thriving practices. He holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, which launched him into exploring the overlap between ecology, social psychology and business ethics.

Image courtesy of Sommai/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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