How Job Seekers Use Glassdoor Reviews 

Glassdoor has helped thousands of job seekers find the right company for them.  As many readers already know, the website features reviews and commentary from both current and former employees. Software Advice recently did research on 4,633 respondents on their usage of glasdoor when applying for jobs.

By providing insider information to potential employees, it’s a service that has revolutionised the job hunt—creating more transparency in the workplace, both in the US and abroad.

But while many may have personal experience with Glassdoor, its overall impact on a company’s ability to recruit talent is still up in the air. In fact, in 2011, HR industry analyst Steve Boese presented a conundrum considered by many employers: “What, if any, real impact does the information on Glassdoor have on things like applicant numbers, quality of applicants and lasting impact to their ability to attract the talent they are seeking?”

Software Advice set out to find the answer to this question. They polled a total of 4,633 respondents in the US to learn what impact Glassdoor reviews have on their decision to apply for, and accept, jobs.


Key Findings

  • Almost half of all respondents use Glassdoor at some point in their job search.
  • Good ratings of a company’s compensation and benefits are most important.
  • Fresh reviews (less than 6 months) have the greatest impact on perceptions of your company.

Find out their full findings and statistics on the fall article here.

So if your company currently has a low overall rating, you can try to improve it by encouraging current employees to post reviews. Your average should become more fair—and rise—as more employees contribute their feedback. Not to mention, just by asking for their comments, you’re showing you value your employees’ opinions – Employee voice.

The stats from the research Software Advice did makes insightful reading and can be found here.

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