Business Insider: 50 Universal Truths 

This insightful article from Business Insider proves further that no matter what problems you are facing, someone before you has probably already faced them.

Julie Bort says “there are certain universal “business truths” — tips and tricks that work for nearly everyone in every business.”

The first truth is “Have a passion for your work. If your work is meaningful to you, your work life will be a joy”. This has proven to be a key element for employee engagement across various pieces of research.

“If you can’t be passionate about the work itself, be passionate about the reason you do it. Maybe you don’t love your job/company/career, but the money and benefits are good for your family. Be passionate in your choice to do right by your family”, this is probably a truth that becomes more relevant for employees later on in life.

“A lack of resources isn’t an excuse. It’s a blessing in disguise. You’ll have to get creative.” Innovation has proven to have many links with emoloyee engagement time and time again, a motivated employee wouldn’t let a lack of resources get in the way of progress!

Have a read of the other universal truths on the full list which can be found here.

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