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Welcome to the Engage For Success website and welcome to you particularly as a member of a trade union.

Employee engagement is as applicable to trade union members as it is to anyone else. We all want good communications from our leaders about our purpose, how we doing in achieving that, and any plans for change. We all want opportunities to have a voice in our organisation, a say in decisions that affect us, a chance to contribute our ideas. We all want the people we are accountable to for our work to be clear in what they want us to do, to include us as part of the team, give us the direction and development we need, and to celebrate our achievements. We want our organisations to have integrity and no ‘say-do’ gap. For Engage For Success, these are our four enablers of engagement.

We believe high levels of employee engagement in an organisation go hand-in-hand with high levels of employee well-being. If you are interested in finding out more, read Wellbeing and Engagement.

We want everyone working in the UK to want, and be able, to give their best each day, so that each day is a great day at work, and that workplaces in the UK are thriving, growing and developing through the commitment, energy, and creativity of the people that work in them. For us, employee engagement is a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams, and whole organisations. Find out more about our vision, aims and values.

If you share that ambition, we would love you to get involved with Engage For Success. We’d like to tap into your ambition and drive. We’d love to draw on your work experience, and trade union commitment.

You may be thinking that’s all very well, but you came to this website with questions. For example:

Isn’t Engage For Success just for managers?

Not at all. We have strong Trade Union support for our movement at the highest level. Our supporters include Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary; Ged Nicholls, Accord General Secretary: John Hannett, USDAW General Secretary; Mike Clancy, Prospect General Secretary. Sarah Veale the former Head of Equality and Employment Rights at the TUC was a member of our Task Force, which sets our direction. And we welcome people working for trade unions on behalf of their members, and working people who are members of trade unions.

Is employee engagement just a management tool?

No. We believe it is a way of working that benefits the whole of the UK’s working population in the private, public and not-for-profit sector, in large companies and small firms, in hospitals, schools and charities.

Doesn’t employee engagement cut across what Trade Unions are trying to do?

Whilst trade unions have a particular role to play in representing their members in the workplace, there is lots of common ground. Engage For Success very much sees employee engagement as trying to create opportunities for employee voice, to grow better leadership and management through times of change, to hold leaders, managers and the organisation to account, to encourage organisational integrity.

Employee Engagement aims to help employees, organisational and team leaders have better conversations about making work better and creating the right conditions so everyone can give of their best.

Employee engagement surveys are often run by the employer, but can provide trade unions with valuable data about how colleagues are feeling about the organisation, and about particular issues like pay and benefits, learning and development, discrimination, bullying and harassment. Using common data and partnering teams within an organisation can create a powerful dynamic for change in an organisation.

So, please join in our work. What can I do? gives a quick overview of how you could get involved.

Join your regional Thought and Action group and see what events are coming up. We also have Topic and Sector Thought and Action Groups. Have a look at the list to see what interests you. If you want to improve employee engagement where you work, why not discuss the issues with 4-5 other like-minded people near where you live or work in an Engagement Explosion Action Learning Set.

We are less about membership and more about action. So get connected – you can join our Linked In group – but more importantly, get thinking, get involved, get contributing, and change the future of your organisation, and of the UK, for the better.

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