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You are one of the most influential people in your company or organisation when it comes to changing the culture of where you work. So if you’re interested in having highly engaged employees, it starts with you!

So, welcome to the Engage for Success website! You’re probably here for one of three reasons:

1) You want to know what employee engagement is all about and how it could benefit your organisation. Click on the quick links below to find out

a) What is employee engagement all about?

b) What are business benefits of investing in employee engagement?

  • Better business outcomes
  • Better financial performance
  • Higher levels of innovation and advocacy
  • Lower absenteeism

c) What’s the evidence?

2. What can you do to increase employee engagement in your organisation? Here are some questions for you and your senior team to reflect on, and things to read to help you:

a) What’s your organisation’s story? How good are you, your team, and your senior and junior managers at telling it? How often do you write a new ‘chapter’?

b) Do you have the right variety of ways in place in your organisation for employee voice, so you can talk to all your employees, hear their concerns and answer their questions, invite and welcome their ideas, and to involve them in big decisions that affect your company? Do you operate an open door? How could you create more opportunities to discuss issues with your employees?

c) What are your organisation’s values? Is there a say/do gap? What do your employees think?

d) Are your managers and team leaders engaging managers? Do you lead them so they signed up members of your team, ambassadors for you, or do you not really know them and whether they are on board with your goals?

e) If you want your customer s and clients to be loyal and keep returning to you for business, are you creating a ‘no blame’, innovative culture in your organisation, where your employees are focussed on improving service, being more efficient, and removing time-wasting processes?

f) Did you know there is a strong correlation between the wellbeing of your employees and their engagement? What are you doing to improve your employees’ wellbeing?

g) Do you measure the level of employee engagement in your company, and report on it to your stakeholders and shareholders? Do you assess your suppliers on their engagement practices, so that they are a good fit with your organisational culture, or do your supplier contracts disengage your customers and your staff with waste, repetition and a lack of innovation?

h) Have you asked someone to lead on embedding employee engagement in your organisation? Are they engaging themselves and the way they operate and run their team? Do they have your trust? Have you given them permission to do what it takes?

i) What’s your leadership style? Why not self-assess, and get feedback from those around you?

j) What’s holding you back? Find out what other company directors have said in Engagement through CEO eyes.

3. What can you do to promote employee engagement and Engage for Success?

  • Talk about employee engagement and mention Engage For Success to people in your organisation
  • Talk about employee engagement and refer to Engage For Success at conferences, when you’re speaking from the front, or from the floor
  • Host or sponsor an Engage for Success event
  • Provide us with a case study of what is happening in your organisation
  • Send us someone from your organisation on secondment to join our core team
  • Partner us on a specific research topic or practice initiative, by contributing to one of our Thought and Action Groups
  • Help us to promote the inclusion of employee engagement in business learning
  • Support us by using our logo when you talk about us

As a starter for ten to think about your own organisation, we’ve picked out some great case studies for you to browse:

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