Passionate Practitioner 

You are a practitioner if you are already working to embed employee engagement in your organisation. Engage for Success has a vibrant practitioner community keen to learn about, share good practice and have a go in their workplace.

We are growing a movement of like-minded people creating better places to work where motivated people deliver sustained high performance.

We welcome practitioners from private, public and not-for-profit sector organisations, from small and medium sized enterprises to FTSE 100 companies, from local and national public services, whether you work in the NHS or run your own business.

Our aim to equip you to build and sustain employee engagement, by encouraging you to:

What can I do? gives a quick overview of how you could get involved. Join your Area Network Thought and Action group and see what events are coming up. If you’re facing challenges about how to embed employee engagement in your organisation, why not discuss the issues with 2-3 other practitioners near where you live or work in an Engagement Explosion Action Learning Set.

We are less about membership and more about action. So get connected – you can join our LinkedIn group – but more importantly, get thinking, get involved, get contributing, and change the future of your organisation, and of the UK, for the better.

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