Kennedy Anecdote: I’m putting a man on the moon! 

“I’m putting a man on the moon!”

What makes a strategic narrative compelling?

We all know this Kennedy anecdote, but what was it that made these employees proud of their contribution and inspired to play their part?

In 1961 Kennedy told the world that the USA would put a man on the moon and bring home back safely by the end of the decade.

Somehow this compelling story inspired people to act to overcome the impossible by giving them a clear vision and a sense of their role achieving it.

A compelling strategic story is an opportunity for the leader to show that they understand what their people really care about and how they can play their part shaping a future that they want.

We’ve found that for a story to be compelling it needs to be:

•  meaningful to those hearing it

•  about something people care about

•  exciting, dramatic and inspiring

•  believable (no matter how audacious it is!)

This post has been produced courtesy of Julian Burton from Delta7.

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