Predictions for 2014: Talent, Leadership & HR Technology 

A recent Forbes article discussed the world of HR in 2014 and provided a link to a predictions report.

The global economic growth period will lead to organisations shifting their focus from cost cutting to retention and engagement.

Josh Bersin, a Forbes contributor from Bersin by Deloitte states how 2014 will be the year that employees will be in charge, he went onto highlight the following predictions.

Bersin by Deloitte’s top 10 predictions for 2014

1. Talent, skills and capability needs become global

Expanding sourcing and recruitment to a global level as well as building networks across the world which attract people

2. Integrated capability development replaces training

Companies that focus on continuous learning in 2014 will attract the best and build a future pipeline

3. Redesign of performance management

Companies will aggresively redesign their appraisal and evalutation programmes to focus on coaching, development, continuous goal alignment and recognitition – all aspects needed for engagement

4. Redefine Engagement: Focus on passion and the holistic work environment

Moving away from surveys organisations will begin to look at engagement from a holistic standpoint

5. Take talent mobility and career development seriously

Thanks to social media, talented employees will be able to find new jobs in a heartbeat as the economy grows

6. Redesign and reskill the HR function

Statistically high performing organisations invest in their HR functions

7. Reinvent and expand focus on talent acquistion

8. Continuous explosive growth in HR technology and content markets

9. Talent analytics comes to front of stage

10. Innovation comes to HR

The world of HR continues to change with more strategic thinking and as a result a new high impact model of HR is emerging

The bottom line seems to be that the economy will grow, employees will be in charge and HR’s role in business will be more important than ever.

This article written by Engage for Success is based on a recent Forbes article.

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