IIP Champions invite EFS (South Yorkshire) to facilitate a session around creating engaging workplaces 

We were delighted to get a call from Kathryn Walker (Commercial Manager at Investors in People, North of England) inviting colleagues from the South Yorkshire Engage for Success community to share our journey around engagement and to talk about what the engage for success movement is trying to achieve across the UK.

It was great to spend the day with IIP Champion Organisations who have already achieved the Gold IIP standard.  These are organisations where engagement is integral to what they do and so it was great to learn how they have created great workplaces.  We had a great day together with a lot of laughter and new connections being made.  The consensus from the discussions on what makes a great workplace is leadership and trust.  It was agreed that a good leader will invest time in getting to know their staff, have regular conversations and allow staff the freedom to get on with their jobs as well as trying new things.

These IIP Champion Organisations are already ambassadors for creating great workplaces and to empower people to be the best.  They are now aware of the Engage for Success movement and how they can plug in to this and to keep the movement alive.

Colleagues from the South Yorkshire Engage for Success Community:

Gail Cherry (Torchlight Coaching)

Jen Robinson (Sheffield University HR Team)

Dave Harrison (10Eighty Consultancy)

Sinead O’Neill (Seeking next opportunity)


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