Do you have experience of Linking Engagement to other Business Metrics 

If the answer is yes, whether you’re a Practitioner or a member of the Guru Group, you’re invited to join our new Special Interest Group.

The aim of the group is to define a framework of reference and methodologies that organisations can use to link employee engagement with key business performance metrics such as customer loyalty and advocacy, sales and profitability.

There is now (especially following the publication of “The Evidence”) a great deal of material which demonstrates in a compelling way the links between employee engagement and business performance. In general terms the business case has been well and truly made.

However, there is an on-going challenge: despite the evidence, many decision makers (especially CEOs and FCOs) continue to say “OK, I get this, I understand that Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s link engagement to business performance, but how exactly is it going to work for me? Until you can tell me how much of a return WE could make, I don’t know how much money, time and effort to invest in engagement”.

That’s the question we want to answer. The principal aim of this SIG is to provide organisations and their engagement “champions” with a set of evidence-based approaches, tools and methodologies they can use to create a business case which deals with these objections and overcomes this significant barrier to engagement.

This SIG should be of particular interest to members of the Engage for Success movement (practitioners and gurus) who already have practical experience of linking engagement and business performance and are willing to share that experience.

Anyone interested in joining this group should email mark.allison@digitalopinion.co.uk or call on 020 8546 7243.

For more information click here and scroll to LINKING ENGAGEMENT TO OTHER BUSINESS METRICS

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