Where Were You 10 Years Ago? Helen Llewellyn 

10 years ago I was: scared, trying to make ends meet and feeling isolated.  Ten years on I’m happy and contented, living in a new country, mortgage free and doing things I love for business and pleasure.

Ten years ago I was in the first couple of years of building up my first business. I had classic imposter syndrome. I’d left a job where I was comfortable calling people out of the blue and reporting at board level for some pretty big companies yet now when I am essentially selling me, the confidence had evaporated. My husband was also trying to build his business, which took him away from home for a week or more at a time. When he got back he was knackered so Us time was limited

Losing two full time salaries and both trying to build a business from scratch was a huge challenge.  Made worse by my tendency to fix and help.  Even when that fix and help hadn’t been asked for.

Alongside my tedious sounding, but actually quite fun, business as an insurance broker I was learning wellbeing techniques.  I started with Reiki and life coaching and kept adding to my knowledge bag. Not only did this mean that I could help others, it also gave me some great realisations. 

Firstly my motivation is to help others, that’s why I stuck out like a sore thumb in a sales team, where most are financially motivated. 

Secondly it helped me to see and understand that unsolicited help is as unhelpful and harmful as no support.

Times changes, insurance became even more about the ££ and numbers and less about the relationships.  I trained and qualified as a pension advisor for small businesses having to comply with auto enrolment pension law. My ability to be able to explain complex things in multiple ways came in really handy. This business helped build the financial coffers and continues with me at its helm. I wanted to do more for people though so continued with developing my wellbeing skills.

Now 10 years on I have a wellbeing business which is transforming lives. Sometimes its a simple rephrasing that makes the difference, at other times its a longer process. The smile on people’s faces at the end of a successful session is priceless to me. I prize this over any income generated.

Last week one of my clients said that a session with me had inspired her to look into a change of career and become a wellbeing practitioner once her kids are a little older. 

What more could I want?

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