What do managers really want from their employees? 

When it comes to the office environment, people often think the more outspoken people are more likely to get ahead in business, it’s actually not true. Conference Genie have surveyed 500 managers from all different industries, areas in the UK and different age groups to see what they class as the ‘ideal employee’. The statistics we received back are really interesting;

  • The majority of managers (22%) believe that a superstar employee should be able to delegate and not try to complete all tasks themselves
  • You don’t have to be the loudest, proudest employee in the office to get ahead; the majority of managers (30%) said they superstar employees are not loud and brash in their characteristics.
  • Male managers also claim not being a people person can seriously affect your superstar quality (41%) and also those who are easily defeated (31%)
  • You don’t have to work long hours to get far in your career – as long as you have an older manager! Older managers prefer staff to get their assigned tasks done in their given hours
  • On CV’s, managers class the most important things as skills, work experience and personal statement as the most important things. References were the least important.
  • Resilience was the least important quality in a superstar employee (4.5%).

The statistics show that many managers have a clear idea of what they want from an employee, and it’s often completely opposite to what the employees think they should be doing.

Simon Prince, Head of Marketing, Conference Genie

Simon joined Conference Genie in April 2013 from IPC Media, where he was a Senior Manager in their digital team. Simon has over 10 years’ experience across Telecoms, Publishing and Gaming sectors. He’s passionate about strategy, digital and customer marketing and is always looking to learn new skills which may help improve his work and also those in the wider team.

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